In A Nutshell

The total programme of Family Restoration Services has become a live-wire for the people of Motherwell and surrounding areas.

The Thamsanqa Cluster Foster Homes Scheme is our flagship programme. We were the first in the Eastern Cape to start such a programme and now there are many more. We build resilience and laughter in a nurturing environment.

The Community volunteer programme forms an integral part of our Organisation’s larger programme. It forms the heartbeat of the services that we provide to the different communities where our Organisation operates.  We have many new plans in 2017 to empower the African child in our area of operation. We are succeeding to give a voice to children. Our Girl-child children, Soccer youth and children, children in our foster homes are empowered and the parents and teachers are taught to listen to the children – empowering parents and children.

Our two ECD programmes operate at different but high levels of competency.  At our Thamsanqa Tinker Tots ECD Centre children are being educated and stimulated in a beautiful Centre in the NU 6 area while in the Informal settlements a home stimulation programme was followed and now two wooden structures have been erected as classrooms with a kitchen and toilets in a container.  The services at both centres are of a very high standard and children grow and develop.

The parents of the children in our Under The Tree programmes come from high levels of poverty which have resulted in home environments not being able to provide the kind of stimulation needed to support school readiness. Our home visiting and now free Centre based services have provided access to early learning and stimulation programmes to children in these marginalised and informal communities – taking services to where children are.

The children at both ECD Centres are absolutely thriving by receiving 2 meals a day for 5 days per week, a full educational and stimulating programme ensuring that they develop, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

At our Thamsanqa Cluster Foster Homes broken children are being restored and given new hope and a new self-image.

We endeavour to form a strong safety net for broken families and for children who have no hope and we believe our mandate is for Motherwell and its surrounding areas.

We need assistance with educational needs, help with caring for our orphaned and vulnerable children and much more.

Your support can make the world of difference to the people (in huge need) that we serve.

Our Sponsors

Goldberg & De Villiers Inc, Corning SA, Transnet, Acorn Foundation, Old Mutual Staff and Volunteer Fund, Bluewater Bay Spar, Easi-Gas and more!